Thursday, September 1, 2011

One of the world's best beer is brewed by monks

One of the world's best beer is brewed by monks

To purchase is necessary to go to a monastery. occurs in Belgium and some describe as the "Holy Grail"

One of the best beers in the world is produced in Belgium and the makers are nothing less than a group of Catholic monks of the order of the Trappists. The drink is not sold in stores and get it (a treat) you have to go to the monastery of St. Sixtus located in the village of Westvleteren.
According to DPA, the beer was launched six years ago when thousands of users chose the Westvleteren 12 as the best 2005 in a ranking of Rateb. "Centuries ago, the Trappist brewing because the available water was contaminated with substances that cause various diseases. They make beer, but the monastery is not a brewery, "said the article published in the newspaper El Pais , Costa Rica.
Despite the high demand, the monks only produce 4800 hectoliters per year while the Belgian Trappist monasteries five (who also brew) producing up to 120,000 hectoliters a year.
The strongest, known as Westvleteren 12, is also the most acclaimed. "It tastes sweet figs, raisins, brown sugar and nuts, very good," writes a Danish Rateb . John McKusick, who has worked for years in the beverage industry in the United States, describes it as "the holy grail of beers." One should drink sometime. "
However, it is very difficult to achieve. "Beer can be purchased only at the monastery, about 130 miles west of Brussels, near the border with France. Anyone wishing to take two boxes of 24 bottles each, will call at a specific time, waiting for feedback and give their registration number and telephone. Then, also at a particular time will have to go to St. Sixtus and collect, "says the note.
It is forbidden to sell the bottles, although there are bars in Belgium where it is offered. Its price is much higher. In the monastery, 24 beers cost 39 euros Westvleteren 12 (56.6 dollars), but in the bars by a single beer can be paid up to 12 euros.

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