Friday, September 23, 2011

In a world dominated by the cooks, meet the best chef in the world

In a world dominated by the cooks, meet the best chef in the world.

Anne-Sophie Pic was selected by the specialists of the Michelin guide and its restaurant , La Maison Pic, has three stars

Anne-Sophie Pic, born July 12, 1969 in Valence, southern France, is the chef of the restaurant family dining La Maison Pic , founded in 1891, located in Valence in the Drome (city par excellence in organic farming) Rhones Alpes department.
With three Michelin stars since 2007, on 18 April this year, this student of Paul Bocuse , but also after all self-taught, was awarded the Veuve Clicquot for Best Female Chef in the World.
His grandfather, André Pic, also had 3 Michelin stars, but in 1934, and his father, Jacques Pic, those achieved in 1973.
When Anne-Sophie Pic was named chef of the year in 2007, recorded the 8,000 chefs in the Michelin guide, became also the first woman to receive this distinction.
Anne-Sophie Pic
The reins and pans from one of the best restaurants in France are in the skilled hands and taste buds of Anne-Sophie Pic. Some of their specialties can include: transparency of tuna marinated in mild spices and tomato jelly, scallops (or coquille Saint-Jacques) of Granville, Drome dove or fresh tuna with mustard and foie gras China. From these ingredients we can start dreaming.

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