Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tips for preparing a good milkshake

Tips for preparing a good milkshake.

What is the proportion of milk and ice cream ideal? Know the answers to these and other questions.

It's cold, but for fans of ice cream , and all its variants, does not mean an impediment. Therefore, we bring you some instructions for preparing a super milkshake and tips for having the texture you like best.
"If you have a blender, you can use a hand mixer, which is just as effective," says Chef Brett Reichler in an article in Food Network . "If you have neither, take a stainless steel bowl and whisk. One should never refuse a milkshake just for not having a blender. "
The first thing we must do, according to Reichler, is to put the glass that we will use in the freezer until completely cold.
Then we have to deal with temperature and texture of ice cream that we use. "It has to be tempered, soft but not watery. This step is key. If too hard, you have to add lots of milk and turpentine, diluting the concentration of ice cream. "
Take these steps as guidelines: place three scoops of ice cream, 59 mL of milk and flavoring you like (fudge, caramel or pieces of cookies ). "Do not add ice because aguará your homework. If you like milkshakes looser, just use more milk, "advises the article.
Now, if you throw cookies, the recommendation is to put about three more or less crushed cookies into ice cream.
And a couple of suggestions: Crown your milkshake with whipped cream, cookies or candy pieces. You can also give an interesting twist, reemplezando milk by a spray of your liquor favorite.

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