Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Installed ATM that gives medical marijuana in California

Installed ATM that gives medical marijuana in California

Los Angeles, California. - Defenders of the medicinal use of marijuana launched this week in Southern California a "cash machine" to deliver the product to consumers registered on prescription.

The company launched the Labs Dispense ATM in the city of Santa Ana in Orange County, where consumers can get the drug on a machine that recognizes fingerprints and the use of a patient's record card.

The company said that this measure will face the black market and give more control and registration of patients who prescribes medical marijuana as permitted in this state since 1996.

ATM that gives marijuana

The company offers to install vending machines identical to those of sweets, chocolates and drinks, qualified clinics in the state, with an income of more than two thousand dollars a month.

The company was founded by Joe De Robbio, who says that security measures will prevent fraud and misuse by the use of special cards and access codes secret.

Users can pay with cash consumption and credit cards at ATMs that will be on duty 24 hours a day.

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