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¿White sugar or brown sugar? Which are the differences

¿White sugar or brown sugar? Which are the differences

At the word sugar quickly think of fine white grains ... the result of a refining process of sugar cane. But what actually happens?

The sugar used to sweeten begins as plant juice extract containing the highest amount of sugar: cane and beet sugar, which account for 60% of world sugar production. The juice then goes through a long process where it is purified and filtered, then boiled and crystallized. The crystallization process produces a liquid called molasses. To separate the liquid crystals, sugar is placed in a centrifuge.

The product is raw sugar, with a light brown, which is refined again for clarification using chemicals to lighten the color. At this point you have fine white sugar, granulated most common variety. Although far removed from their natural way, is still more natural than artificial sweeteners aspartame made in the laboratory.

In the process of granulated sugar, many other types of sugar are made. First, is the byproduct of molasses, ideal for baking, followed by other varieties from light brown sugar to the darkest.

Learn about the varieties of sugar available:

Granulated Sugar

This is the sugar that everyone recognizes as "sugar". The more refined class flowing because all the liquid has been removed. This variety can be used for baking or for coffee, tea and other beverages. Available in fine and coarse sugar.

+ Best use: For baking and sweetening beverages. Sprinkle coarse sugar in baked goods before placing them in the oven. The finest variety is ideal to sweeten cocktails and make meringue or other foods that require rapid dissolution.


The brown sugar is basically refined white sugar with added molasses. This sugar has a high moisture content and is prone to empelotarse. Available in light brown sugar (3.5% molasses) or dark (6.5% molasses).

+ Best use: Bake. The chocolate chip cookies are better with brown sugar because the moisture helps to be watered and golden. But do not want to use in a recipe that can be very heavy, like a pie.

Also known as sugar manufacturing and sugar glaze, powdered sugar is refined sugar finely ground. Usually contains cornstarch to prevent empelote.

+ Best use: Baking and desserts. Used to decorate a cake or frosting and sprinkle baked goods.


The raw sugar is partially refined sugar and raw parts with a natural brown color. It comes in different styles - some wetter than others with a high molasses content. The crystals are larger and not as brown sugar empelotan business. The types of raw sugar include Demerara, Turbinado and Muscovado, which has the darkest color, the higher moisture content and stronger molasses flavor.

+ Best use: Sweeten drinks, but takes longer to dissolve. The raw sugar is not recommended for baking because the crystals do not dissolve, you can sprinkle on baked goods before placing in oven.

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