Monday, May 21, 2012

Video: Man eats giant Burger King with 1050 bacon strips

Video: Man eats giant burger with 1050 bacon strips

Not to believe it. A man appeared in a Burger King headquarters in Japan, asking for a hamburger. This would be totally normal. However, things turned weird when the guy said he wanted a burger with 1050 strips of bacon, a literal kick to good health and calorie content.

So the man took advantage of a promotion for the chain in which only $ 1.25 for 15 strips of bacon added extras to burgers, and he was asking them to add and add beef strips until reach 1050, which eventually cost him 87 dollars.

The giant burger was a tremendous weight of 2.7kg and 8000 calories, which were completely digested by the Japanese, despite the recommendations of the guys from the restaurant because it was clear It could do pretty big damage to the digestive system and heart of man.

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