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How to prepare a perfect lomo saltado ? Six chefs give us their secrets

How to prepare a perfect lomo saltado ? Six chefs give us their secrets

Flesh juicy, crispy onions, roasted potatoes, seasoning Creole and oriental touches. That may sum up a good lomo saltado , a basic dish Peruvian cuisine as more than 150 years.

The story is known . Chinese immigrants came to this country in 1849 or so. Some were hired as cooks and soon began to apply his techniques in the kitchen. Thus were born the chaufas and skipped vegetables. The ridge itself came a few years later, with the inclusion of meat cuts and then, much later, the French fries .

The recipe is simple and requires little preparation time. The secret is in the wok and flambéed says Laura Israel , chef of the restaurant 550. For the cook, the lomo saltado is a dish emblem of our kitchen and realized that during his stay in Spain, where many fellow just missed the taste.

If we want our meat retains its texture and juiciness is necessary to use a good cut. "The sirloin is great," he says. You have to cut into medium sized pieces so that the flavor can be well appreciated. "Rectangular pieces of three or five centimeters."

Hikari poultry is characterized by one of the tastiest sautéed loin of Lima . Julia Gushiken, head chef, recommends having a hot wok, add a generous stream of oil and then throw the pieces of meat. "We waited a while, we hope to release their juice and remove them," he says.
lomo saltado
It is recommended that the kitchen has a fire to flambé something correctly. The wok also seems essential. No clutch, Gian Gallia says this can be replaced by a heavy iron skillet - that you can buy at Central Market - by saving heat better preparation.

The flambé gives a distinctive flavor to the dish. "Remember that the dish is more appealing when you have a pleasant scent and this is achieved with the fire and a good cook," said Jairo Felix .

Ana Obando, the restaurant La Jama, add the other ingredients in this order : onion feathers, yellow pepper, vinegar, a little background (apple bone broth with vegetables), Chinese onion, tomato and cilantro. These last three always at the end because they tend to wilt quickly in the fire.

Jose Antonio restaurant in the preparation is different from the traditional. Here you add the potatoes in the wok and stir before serving yet.

"Doing a good lomo saltado at home is very difficult because you use a commercial kitchen, the fire is low and the meat is scullery, boot all the juice and dried. However, there are ways to do it, "he explained in a note last .

Jana Escudero, the restaurant El Grifo, not only puts a pinch of sugar which is responsible for lower a bit the taste of soy sauce. "At the same time also put vinegar and soy sauce. The sugar helps lower the flavor of the latter. We are going to be very careful, the fire can not be so high because the onions will burn, "he said.

The cook used brandy to give a different touch, a nice flavor that balances the dish. Others, the vast majority of pisco used to flambé better. In any case, there are few who use alcohol in the preparation.

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