Thursday, August 18, 2011

A man traveled more than two thousand miles to eat his favorite pizza

A man traveled more than two thousand miles to eat his favorite pizza.

He toured 16 states in the U.S. to buy 150 pizzas . For two years this tradition continues.

David Schuler is a U.S. citizen who travel 2,250 kilometers and 16 states to eat his favorite pizza . A trip every year since 2009.

Schuler, 51, left Jackson (Mississippi) the last weekend to buy 150 pizzas, frozen and vacuum packed and stock for a while. The restaurant Spa Town , arriving, is located just outside Boston, the state in which he lived until age 13.

This fan paid $ 1,200 for the order and says that since he left Boston has not returned to try a similar flavor. "I know people think I'm crazy for doing this. All my family grew up with that flavor (seven sisters and four brothers). Since we moved we did not find a flavor that resembles it, "said the newspaper Clarion Ledger .

But what is special about this recipe? Schuler says the sauce is not all. "I love the sauce is incredible. The dough is thin and crispy around the edges, it is unreal. In addition, the ingredients are spectacular. There is absolutely nothing like him. "

This time Schuler took 50 cheese pizzas, 50 and 50 pepper sausage and onion. This is the third year that does this "madness". In 2009 flew and took only 40. In 2010, he made the journey by car and took 100.

The restaurant manager, Kerry Hughes said sending their masses to California and Florida, but Schuler is your best client outside the state of Massachusetts. Commented on the sauce that is a "family secret".

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