Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Giant Rat Meat is sold as Meat on England, Pictures

In a famous London market there illegally selling meat giant rats according to a report released by the BBC. This meat is highly prized in parts of Africa and Asia, but is not for resale in British territory.

The meat of the giant Grass Cutter (lawn mowers), to animals did over half a meter long and weighing about 9 kilograms is imported from Ghana and is offered in a clandestine manner within the m arket Ridley Road, one of the high influx of capital

"It is illegal and has not undergone health checks have not been inspected and could be contaminated," said environmental health expert Paul Povey to the chain.
West African sources said, quoted by the media, this market is a popular destination for trade of this type of meat. .
In the film made ​​with a hidden camera and with the help of a fake buyer can see the butchers asking 30 pounds per bag and discretion to "avoid problems". Then, as is typical in this type of work, vendors flatly denied having sold the meat when questioned openly.
- I do not sell rats, never sold rats, rats do not sell ... -Replied the shop owner Great Expectation that had only sold two copies Ghanaians. I have no rat, why are filming me? Exclaimed
British authorities consulted by BBC indicate that inspections are always different supply center of London and since 2009 has received only one complaint, unproven, of this illegal meat trade

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