Monday, October 15, 2012

Food for diabetics. What a diabetic should eat? Complete list

Food for diabetics. What a diabetic should eat?

In this article we will leave a list of foods that are suggested for people who have diabetes, take note and put it into practice.

Foods Allowed:
  •     Maximum 70 grams of whole grains per serving. Try where possible to weigh to not exceed.
  •     Fat dairy
  •     Lean meats (skinless poultry, beef fat, non-fried fish).
  •     Vegetables, cereals replacement.
  •     Three Eggs During the Week
  •     Avoid simple carbohydrates like sugars or sweets, sweets, white bread or confectionery.
  •     It is preferable to eat bread and crackers.
  •     Preferably onsuma drinks without sugar, or low sugar or can be sweetened with stevia.
  •     Vegetables
  •     Fruit not overdo the banana, mango, custard apple, grapes.

Always remember to go to medical examinations, exercise 4 times a week at least, that way take a good quality of life.

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