Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Portugal charge taxes to fast food, great news

Portugal charge taxes to fast food, great news. 

You may soon apply a tax on fast food in Portugal, apparently, the Dean of the College of Physicians of the country has proposed to the Minister of Health, create a new tax levied on all foods that are considered unhealthy either fast food, snacks, prepared foods and everything that has excess fat, sugar or salt. The arguments used are: the economic crisis and the right time to tax that may help overcome, reduce spending because of the diseases associated with overweight and obesity , so it does not make budget cuts in the NHS, improve the health of the general population and prevent drug use (which will have to see this last point).
Gradually increase the number of countries that impose taxes on such foods, we can recall for example the tax on saturated fats from food in Denmark , and the recent tax burgers which came into force on day 1 of September in Hungary. It seems that both the Government and medical specialists are interested in implementing a tax on fast food in Portugal, we must take into account the country's government has announced a health savings plan which will restructure hospitals and streamline medication.

No wonder therefore that medical specialists see a way to safeguard their area with tax, just as the government sees with good eyes would get additional revenue. Before the crisis, were not registered in Portugal such measures, but now the flag has health doctors explaining how bad it is fast food, soft drinks, snacks, etc. Explain how dangerous it is overcoming the calories recommended daily but it is clear that now care more before the announced cuts, we do not know if economic boom had applied a tax on fast food .
But the tax who is going to apply?, Does not indicate whether the food industry, consumers or both, really angry is necessary that doctors fear for their jobs and their salaries for that warrant such action. As the saying goes, 'if you see your neighbor's beard cut, put yours to soak', never better. Maybe not soon meet a similar proposal in Spain, remember that our Social Security surplus is shrinking at an alarming rate and taking into account the severe economic crisis and the search for new taxes to apply ... and white in the bottle. Indeed, a researcher at the University of Navarra already proposed in 2009 to promote the Mediterranean diet by increasing the price of fast food .

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