Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Why the cork is used to close wine bottles?

Why the cork is used to close wine bottles?
Discover what are the characteristics that make this material unique and irreplaceable

The Egyptians used it to seal the ceramic pots that they put in the graves. And the Greeks, to seal the containers in which they kept the wine and olive oil. For various reasons, cork is one of the best insulating liquids exists.
Unlike what happens with other materials, the bark of cork oak has the "power" to hold the wine at the same time it provides a high oxygen it needs to mature and not bulging. Having no source of oxygen, sulfur dioxide, which has wine decays and produces a foul odor.
"Inside, the cork looks like a beehive full of gas, 89.7% is gas, making it light and floating," notes the website Gizmodo . It is this gas that is released in minute quantities, and aerating the wine. And, not from the outside, does not contain external aromas that may affect drinking.
In addition, once a bottle is closed with a cork, which in structure is capable of being compressed, the liquid will not corrode or is able to push it. According to the Organization of the United Nations Food and Agriculture, pieces of cork can remain submerged in liquid for centuries without fail.
While this material has been used for centuries, only in the eighteenth century, first used in industry and sparkling wines. It was Dom Perignon who, seeking a way that the gas of champagne bottles that do not are "open themselves", he found the cork to your friend. And so the use of these plugs became universal.

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