Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The world's most odorous cheese

The world's most odorous cheese. 
The Vieux-Boulogne was chosen by the Chinese as the most disgusting of all for its strong aroma . know the complete ranking

While cheese is a favorite food of many people also arouses disgust in others. That is the case with French vieux Bologne, which was chosen as the most disgusting western food by the Chinese . The reason? Its strong smell, which counted as respondents may produce nausea.
The figure changes completely in France. There is a food revered and frequently used by restaurants gourmet despite its strong odor. This cheese is considered the most fragrant the world by experts from Cranfield University in London.
In reaching this conclusion, the scientists used an "electronic nose", equipped with sensors that analyzed dozens of samples. In addition to this 19 experts convened tasting.
The vieux, made ​​from milk from cows, semi-hard consistency and has a washed rind with beer, which is the reason for its strong smell. Thus, bathed in beer is tuned for nine weeks.

Second-ranked was ranked the Pont-Lévêque, also cow's milk, made in Normandy (France), tuned six weeks and washed with brine (water with a high concentration of dissolved salt) used for purifying and preserving food.
Third, Camembert from Normandy also need a maceration of 21 days minimum. Then there are the Munster and Roquefort (France), the latter with a particular history and a process of maceration of up to five months allowing the development of internal molds.
The cheddar was in sixth place, a cheese product that was born centuries ago from the combination of leftovers from various cheeses. It also requires a process of purification of six to 24 months. Gone are the Parmesan Italian and French Epoisses.
According to the specialists commented to AFP, the stronger smelling cheeses are washed, and macerated as well. He also ruled out any link between the smell and the type of milk used in its preparation.

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