Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fat Weight Loss: Three simple tips

The fastest way to improve physical appearance is to lose some fat. Do you want your muscles look bigger? Lose fat. Want a smaller waist? Lose fat.

The elimination of the extra pounds is based on very simple principles. The fat accumulates in the body because they eat more calories than you burn, neither more nor less, and no exceptions, not even for bodybuilders.

Are fattening because they eat too much or because the exercise is not enough, or, in most cases, a combination of both. The extra pounds do not appear suddenly, but as a result of continued abuse of the idea of a "little snack" nothing happens.

If you want to break that trend and get in shape, forget about the sophisticated techniques lipolytic and only concentrate on three basic principles. The secret lies in the strength of will, that will help you acquire and maintain these three simple habits.

1. Walking is the your best friend. We do not mean to move from the couch to the microwave, but a lively pace walking outdoors or on a tape. This is the perfect aerobic activity fbecause it burns fat without touching the muscle size, unlike what happens when you run. The results take longer to appear, but, in contrast, keeps intact the valuable muscle tissue.

There are two important points to keep in mind when we think about losing fat.
First, running can reduce muscle size.
Second, when dieting as a resource to get rid of excess weight also tends to lose muscle mass.

Walking does not have many negative effects on the muscles as running or dieting. If we set an acceptable timeframe, we get good results. Seek to make three or four sessions a week between 30 and 60 minutes at a brisk pace. If possible, extend the routine slightly on weekends. If you climb slopes, burn even more calories. Encourage your partner and you can make those walks an activity they both enjoy and get in shape.

Walking is an excellent strategy to lose fat, but can enhance its effects by introducing a simple change in your diet, take more fiber. Most people do not consume even half of that nutrition experts consider necessary to enjoy good health. Fiber has additional properties. In fact, this is a great help to lose fat. In this regard, include, first, their ability to block the absorption of fat and, secondly, its low energy intake. If you replace high-calorie products (sugars and types of fat) by fibrous foods accelerate fat loss. Some of them even have a caloric value near zero as a result of thermal action of the digestive process. In addition, nutrition experts point out that fiber slows gastric emptying, providing a feeling of fullness that helps to avoid temptation and excess heat, which may turn into body fat.

How can we increase the fiber in the diet? Taking more fruits and vegetables, and unpeeled, because the skin contains the highest amount of fiber. This component also find beans, rice and products related to entertainment, popcorn (no oil, salt, and butter, of course).

3. Slowly but surely
In the third and final guideline requires patience and perseverance lies the true secret of success of any program to eliminate fat. U.S. health officials said, most people who undergo crash diets just recovering more weight than they lost. If you set a very short time to achieve its objective, failed.

The only way to lose 15 pounds at the moment is to cut your head off. Pay no attention to advertising: the fat does not disappear as if by magic. In fact, nutrition experts argue that it is best to fall between a pounds or two a week. There are two reasons for this:

A. When weight is lost slowly, it is easier to maintain.

B. In general, the schemes that are too rapid and radical carry substantial percentage of muscle mass.
May not get results as fast as those who prefer to follow radical diets to fashion, but when they appear will be much better and permanent.

To lose fat, do not need technical miracle. Three guidelines are enough simple: walk regularly, take more fiber in place of sugar and bad fats (trans) and be consistent. With them, not only deliver the extra kilos, but that will protect muscle mass.

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