Monday, April 16, 2012

The best tablet applications for cooking

There are of them controls the cooking of eggs until they are told what food is left in the refrigerator

If the you use your tablet or smartphone for everything, including cooking, here are a selection of the best and worst applications for use between pans and vegetables, prepared by Joy Planet magazine.


If you are someone who feels lost or temperature measurements, this is your choice. This will make the exact conversion for your recipes. The measures: cups, ounces or quarters. Temperatura: de grados Fahrenheit a Celsius y viceversa. Temperature: Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa. At the same time have a long list of products that will make life easier. It costs less than a dollar and says the website is one of the "most complete and effective."
Is an application for iPad' at $ 1.99. It controls what is in the refrigerator in an orderly manner. "Ideal to know exactly what there is, how much and the due date," notes Joy Planet.

Campbell's Kitchen
Basically, it's a recipe. Scan the barcode of any product and suggests what to cook. Muy divertido. Very funny.It has a function that sends options to guests and they can decide what to prepare. It is free for iPad, iPod, iPhone and all Android devices.

Kitchen Pad Timer
As its name implies, is a clock. It controls the cooking time of your meals. Able to control nine watches and also has a favorites option to include frequent firings. It is $ 0.99.

The recipe box
This app together is an organized system of recipes. Worth $ 3.99 and, as we say this website, you can identify each recipe with a photo, copy and paste from any website, add notes, share content via e-mail and to bring a shopping list.

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