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The worst iPad apps for cooking

The worst iPad applications for cooking

There are of them controls the cooking of eggs until they are told what food is left in the refrigerator

If the you use your tablet or smartphone for everything, including cooking, here are a selection of the best and worst applications for use between pans and vegetables, prepared by Joy Planet magazine.

Grocery Gadget – Shopping list
They say the idea is not bad. Arm your shopping list, separated by the budget, paying attention to the coupons. The detail is that it is very complex, it has a good design and is made primarily for use only in USA.

Beer timer
Sounds the perfect app. It specify what beer you bought, divide it by category and presentation. Also alerts you when your beer is already chilled in the refrigerator. However, the problem is that the application asks you to drink is at 20 ° C when put in the freezer. It is very rigorous.
Egg timer for the PRO
It's a free timer that calculates you just enough time to boil eggs. Works for Android tablet. Once the egg is in the water, the time is set taking into account the desired point, the temperature and to the diameter of the eggs. The latter complicates things.

Meat cooking reference
If you want a guide to cooking times for their meat, this could be. However, "the cuts are American cooking methods are limited and time is calculated by piece, not by weight." It is full of advertising and not very useful.

Perhaps the most ridiculous of the market. It's a box of chocolates to be emptied and filled. It costs $ 0.99 and serves to eat virtual chocolate not fattening.

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