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How to Make Eggs in One Minute, easy breakfast ideas

How to Make Eggs in One Minute, easy breakfast ideas.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but with such limited time in the morning people often skip it or just grab something that leaves them feeling hungry mid-morning (i.e. a granola bar, a pop-tart or a bowl of sugary cereal). Adding a good source of protein to breakfast, like eggs, can provide some real lasting power and won’t leave you feeling as hungry.

Don’t think you have time for eggs? Did you know that eggs can take less than one minute if you microwave them? One product that I love is the Microwave Eggs n’ Muffin Breakfast Pan. In one minute, the eggs are cooked and in a perfect shape to go on an English Muffin. In fact, it takes longer to toast the English muffin than it takes to make the eggs.

The following are a few ideas to make a healthy egg sandwich:

To reduce the fat and calories try using egg whites or egg beaters instead of the whole egg.
Use a whole-wheat or multigrain English Muffin in place of the plain English Muffin
Hint: Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats or Arnold’s Rounds also work well. They are made with whole grains and only have 100 calories.
Add some vegetables for flavor and nutrients. Peppers, onions and mushrooms are just a few examples of vegetables that work well.
Hint: Dice up a pepper and onion at the beginning of the week so it’s ready to go for the week and/or buy pre-sliced mushrooms to keep it very simple.
For variety try:
Using salsa and black olives for a Mexican flair
Adding a kick of spice with hot sauce or jalapeno peppers
Making your own Egg McMuffin by adding a slice of ham and a piece of reduced-fat cheese
Topping it with a slice of tomato and a slice of avocado
Getting creative and using your favorite seasonings, vegetables, etc.

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