Monday, October 31, 2011

Beware: Obesity harms women more than men

Beware: Obesity harms women more than men.

Women who are overweight are nine times more likely to develop heart disease and high blood pressure in contrast to males, as revealed from a study by the University of California, which analyzed more than 1,700 adolescents of both sexes, ranging between 13 and 17.
On the other hand, found that boys are obese are four times more likely to develop high blood pressure, compared with normal weight adolescents, reports "The Daily"
"Estrogen is a hormone that protects women who are not in the menopausal stage, against heart attacks. However, obesity could weaken, "said Professor Rudy Ortiz, who presented the study at a conference in Mississippi.
comida chatarra, hamburguesa
About 30% of the population in England suffer from high blood pressure but are not aware of it. Effective measures to prevent this disease is to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet .

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