Monday, October 31, 2011

The strange and obsessive Steve Jobs diet

The strange and obsessive Steve Jobs diet.

The late founder of Apple was subjected to fasting and some extreme diets consisting of only one or two eating food for weeks

Steve Jobs was not some guy was a genius and as such was full of eccentricities. Since repeating the same kind of clothes to his way of eating, it is this latter aspect is developed in detail in his authorized biography , published a few days ago by writer Walter Isaacson .
The book has an obsession with Jobs for vegetarian food , a dietary regime which respected in an exaggerated way even when his illness worsened. According to Mikel Lopez, in his blog  El Pais , the creator of Apple was addicted to vegetables and carrot greens to the point that "the skin reached to put some carrots orange from eating so much, as has a friend in the book. "
apple, steve jobs
"From a young age, Jobs underwent all sorts of purging, fasting and dieting extremes, some consisting of only eating one or two foods for weeks, "describes Lopez. Even in 1977, second year at Apple, he ate only fruit, apples obviously could not be out of this diet.
Apparently this fascination with the plants was inspired by the book "Diet for a Small Planet," a hit in the seventies in the U.S. Despite his poor health , Jobs maintained this regime. His wife and her doctor could do nothing to change his opinion. "For him the fast was cleansing and digestion, a nuisance in that wasted energy," wrote Lopez.

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