Monday, October 31, 2011

Can you prove you encourage with a chocolate-flavored beer?

Can you prove you encourage with a chocolate-flavored beer?.

The new product was introduced in Mexico and is only available until April, 2012

Have you ever think to find a beer flavored chocolate ? The company Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma just make this product with your brand Chocolate Bohemia, a limited edition available until April 2012.
The Chocolate beer was produced from full-bodied malt and blend of four fine quality malts: pale malt, brown malt, chocolate malt and crystal malt. It has a dark color and an alcohol content of 5.7%.
Its flavor and aroma of bitter chocolate and a hint of caramel makes it the perfect accompaniment to the dishes to be consumed during the holiday season and New Year, reports Milenio .
The Mexican company seeks to place its brand as a premium beer option linked to food, in this case the chocolate. The new drink was the result of experimentation of these workers in the company.

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