Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Five of the best mobile applications to find restaurants

Five of the best mobile applications to find restaurants.

Looking for a new restaurant to eat or want to experience new flavors, but do not know where to go or how to find it. Do not despair. Lifehacker listed some mobile applications that will help you find local novel where you can enjoy a variety of cuisine.
Initially, this application was used to make restaurant reservations through your smartphone without having to call or go to the same place. Currently, OpenTable allows you to see a map of restaurants, which increases your search options. Furthermore, you make reservations you can earn points, win prizes and you can even read the comments of members of the community.
It began as a BlackBerry application and is characterized by its slogan: "Shake to randomly select an option for lunch," singularity, so far, delights its users. With Urbanspoon can share opinions, find nearby restaurants, read reviews from magazines and blogs specialized in gastronomy .
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With this application you can show that you are enjoying those dishes, you can also browse and view the images that others have in the community of Foodspotting . What characterizes this system are the pictures and comments from users.
It is a service you are looking for local restaurants. After attending one of them, a score can be measured, write a review and add pictures of the room. It is a perfect application if you are looking for a good restaurant based on the comments of other diners.
It is relatively young compared with other applications. Google Places gives you information on restaurants, cafes, bars and other destinations (such as ATMs, banks and gas stations) that are close to where you are. In the Android system, the application is part of Google Maps.
Now that you know these five applications do you prefer?

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