Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to make hard-boiled eggs to avoid a bad smell on the lunchbox

How to make hard-boiled eggs to avoid a bad smell on the Lunchbox.

This food is one of the most complete in existence. However, many mothers do not usually send it by its strong smell

As a child my sisters complained to my mom for the contents of her lunchbox bread with tuna or chicken juices (strawberry, pineapple, banana, etc..) and hard-boiled egg. Everything could be tolerated but that, leaving the smell was unbearable boiled egg. They say that almost was "breaded" by her classmates when in his "taper" appeared oval profile of this food.
I did not run the same 'luck' to them, but I witnessed the 'social lynching "that meant opening a" taper "with the content pump. My friends were 'wood' to the unfortunate and condemned the punishment of their ridicule.
Many of us have been there and I'm also sure that a good group of mothers choose not to send hard-boiled egg in the lunch box so as not to hurt their children, but also deprived of a snack highly nutritious and complete .
Needless to say, the egg contains protein , healthy fats, vitamins , minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients the body needs. According to Sandra Nutritionist Wages, American Institute of Egg, this presentation (cooked) is one of the healthiest. She gives us an important tip to make the egg does not emanate an odor so strong in the lunchbox.

A few weeks ago presented the formula for perfect boiled egg . This time we offer tips to avoid bad smell: once you are ready, place in a bowl of ice water and when it is already peeling room temperature, then, "once this is very cold, is placed in the taper, "said Wages.
"The problem is that mothers put in the hot egg taper grip and that's where a strong odor." The truth is that many mothers, like mine or yours, more or less woke up and there you were starting your busy day. That is, not enough time to cool the egg and then put it to taper.

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