Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tips to recognize a bad cook

Tips to recognize a bad cook.

Some people do not have the gift of cooking and, sometimes, to surprise the others have to say that exquisite dishes are yours when in fact bought in a restaurant or supermarket.
In this sense, the web Chow presents some signs that will help us identify a bad or evil chef before starting to taste the food.
Long nails and well maintained
In general, women who cook have short nails as this makes them easier to snack foods, besides being considered an indicator of hygiene.
Pantry full of canned goods
Watching that scene, we can imagine that with canned ingredients can not be prepared a delicious lunch.
Immaculate kitchen, AS IF YOU DO NOT USE
It is not law, but an indication that this scenario was not used recently. A used kitchen tables, knives and pots still wash in the sink give us hope that the dinner was prepared by our chef occasionally.
Odd beliefs
Imagine if you check any strange ingredient, this will improve the flavor of your food or give a different touch that will make it unique. The theme of the merger allows certain licenses, but do not overdo. Always be sure of what you do.
If a person has been cooking for years, then that means he has accumulated a number of useful tools in the preparation of food. However, the one with a battery of tools indicate that it is not shower (o) in cooking. The issue is knowing how to use them.

A (a) cook (a) always has some tips, secrets and supplies to help your food has a pleasant taste, a flavor something like a trademark.
Explain precisely NOT YOUR RECIPE
In the middle of dinner the subject almost always leads to how the chef managed the dish so tasty: what used ingredients like spices, how long were you in the pan or the oven and at what temperature. Those who do not know these details only managed to invent an answer or change the subject.

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