Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Australian firm promises healthier fries and burgers

The potatoes have lower levels of fat and salt, low in sodium. The products would be 40% more healthy

Singapore (Reuters). An Australian company plans to make burgers , fries and other products marketed by the main operator of fast food in the country to a healthy 40%, using the vegetable okra and other natural ingredients.

Colltech holistic, based in Perth and Malaysia, and operator of 620 restaurants Australian Red Rooster, Chicken Treat and Oporto, develop and use a patented ingredient exclusive period of two years in Australia , said CEO Holistic, Rajen Marnickavasagar. two companies will develop salt with low sodium, low-fat potato chips and low-glycemic flour Holista patented, which can help cut about 40% of the problem four "s" of the food chain, said Rajen .

The new products use okra (okra) dried and powdered, lentils and other natural ingredients that were certified as GRAS ("generally regarded as healthy" as an acronym in English) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said Holistic CEO, Rajen Marnickavasagar. According to him, no difference in taste.

"We are the only company to have a comprehensive solution to the four" s "(as they are known by its initials in English): salt, sugar, starch and saturated fat," the executive said, adding that when taken on a commercial scale, the products could change the industry billionaire.

The businessman said that there is a tsunami of these four elements that invades the fast food industry. "These foods are cheap, abundant and highly addictive. But they have led to an epidemic of obesity in the world, "said Rajen.

The global obesity has doubled since 1980, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), mainly due to an increase in the consumption of foods high in fat, salt and sugars. The disease is the fifth leading cause of death.

According to the latest statistics available, 1,500 million adults and 43 million children under 5 years were overweight in 2008.

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