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Peruvian Recipes, PERUVIAN CEBICHE and Leche de Tigre, tips for cooking

One of the prides of the Peruvian and Latin American cuisine is ceviche. Renowned worldwide for its unique taste and presentation, has put Peru in the list of dining destinations par excellence. Both its etymology as their origin, have been causing controversy among the countries preparing this dish, no clutch its history is linked to Peruvian pre-Columbian history. 

This delicacy is undoubtedly sample a fusion of cultures over the years, and is, in its purest representation shows the taste of the cuisine that invites locals and visitors to enjoy, not only with the same Ceviche but with the refreshing and challenging leche de tigre.
Traditional recipe
Makes 8 servings:
1 kilo of fish
12 lemons
6 cloves garlic, minced
2 onions
1 red pepper mountain
Green pepper 1 tablespoon ground
parsley and cilantro
Salt and pepper

After filleting and fillet the fish, cut into small dice shape. If the fish is really fresh, it is best not to immerse the dice in salt water, but we recommend soaking for impurities. Put the fish pieces in a bowl. Then add the minced garlic, pepper and green chili powder. Revolver. Separately, chop onions lengthwise. The source is squeezed lemons. You add salt to taste, stir and let it marinate for 20 minutes. Then parsley and cilantro is chopped, covering the fish with the onion, adorning it with chopped or sliced ​​mountain pepper hot pepper to taste. Finally, sprinkle salt on the onion and a little squeeze of lemon. Garnish with lettuce, boiled sweet potatoes and corn.
From this basic recipe are some variations to the dish, the main we have in Chile seafood ceviche with chilli and oil in Argentina without chili, ie non-spicy, Ecuador with lemon and orange juice in Panama with frayed fish in Costa Rica with biscuits and tomato sauce and chopped tomatoes in Mexico and avocado (avocado) and other presentations.
Leche de Tigre - Tiger Milk
So the juice is known to produce the ingredients of ceviche, is bitter and spicy, served in some places mixed with a little vodka or Pisco, popularly known as an excellent tonic and as an aphrodisiac. It is famous for the power to remove the discomfort after the excesses of a night out. Served in a small glass next to this entry. '

-You can substitute the fish for shrimp.
-The fish should be very cool.
-The fish must not have thorns.
-Use grouper or sea bass fillet.
-Ginger is strong and is very pleasant and aromatic.
-The onion is an excellent disinfectant, is laxative and good for the nerves.
-The onion improves circulatory and renal disorders.
-The lemon has medicinal properties, energy and nutrients.
-The lemon helps maintain strong immune system, is ideal for the treatment of rheumatism

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