Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meet this black tea that is a hit in China

The drink , known as 'pu erh', has a mild flavor and delicate. In 2002, every ounce was sold to $ 250
Wednesday November 9, 2011 - 03:46 pm

The unique tea dried and fermented black, called 'pu erh', caused a sensation in China for its delicate and smooth taste. However, in the last twenty years, their prices have gone up and so only people with high income can afford.

Fifteen years ago, a small family owned company managed to recover the reserves Lam Tea 'pu erh', which were at a restaurant in Hong Kong that had been closed. Since then, the merchandise has increased 10 000 times its initial value and the Lam family has been successful thanks to this special tea.

"It's like magic. You can feel the taste and smoothness on the palate leaving, "he said Sam Lam, Lam company director for AFP, while preparing the beverage according to the Chinese ritual.

Despite its popularity, farmers in Yunnan province, China still kept secret all the way to cultivate the 'pu erh', which has been considered "national pride" in this country.

The tea is sold as compact biscuits, wrapped in a paper with the name of 'crude grasn'. In addition, a low quality version is sold in restaurants at affordable prices.

"Good tea is grown at high altitude and depends on the weather," Eliza said master Liu. According to the state newspaper Global Times, a lot of 'pu erh was sold to $ 250 a gram, at the beginning of the black tea fuebre this

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