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Pachamanca, Peruvian Recipes, how to cook peruvian food

Pachamanca, Peruvian Recipes, how to cook peruvian food.

The Peruvian Andes is characterized by memories of pre-Hispanic cultures in their foods. So the presence of potatoes (potatoes), beans and corn, all of which were used by colonies naturally native to the Peruvian valleys.
Pachamanca: Typical dish prepared in the Peruvian mountains of different types of meat that is buried underground with potatoes, and various herbs and tamales for several hours.

    Ingredients for 10 people:
    Half a baby lamb.
    Ten geese,
    Ten ears of corn,
    300 grams of ground pepper panca.
    100 grams of pepper.
    A leg of lamb.
    Panca 500 grams of cheese.
    Banana leaves.
    Paico and salt.
    Ten spare ribs.
    Two chickens.
    Three guinea pigs.
    Ten humitas.
    Ten potatoes.
    Ten potatoes.
Preparation: Make a regular hole in the ground and clean place stones on the bottom. Meanwhile, in a strong fire, you're heating flat preference other stones. This operation will make you nearer the hole, because then you have to place these stones with a hoe as forming floors, from the bottom up, also place food stories, first the potatoes, geese and potatoes. Place over hot stones.

On the second floor, place the meat seasoned with ground pepper panca, salt and pepper. On top of these meats paico spreads between ground floor and place banana leaves to protect the food cooked underground between land thus avoiding. Then put more stones of fire. On the next floor and put the tamales cooked, boiled beans, guinea pigs, lots of cheese and corn. Re-cover with more banana leaves

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