Saturday, November 5, 2011

Folic acid: its important functions and how to prevent deficit

Folic acid is a nutrient very esuchado for all of us, however, often do not know what his exact role in the body and how to incorporate it into our diet. This is a B complex vitamin and then we tell you what their important functions and how to prevent food-deficit.
This vitamin called folacin, folate, or folic acid , is synthesized also our bodies, but we can get it without problems with the food we eat every day to meet the daily recommendation of 400 micrograms for healthy adults of both sexes.

Functions of folic acid Among the important functions of folic acid enter their participation in the formation of red blood cells, there is a nutrient needed to prevent anemia . Also involved in the synthesis of substances necessary for proper DNA formation, therefore, the deficit in pregnancy and childhood should be avoided to prevent failures in neural tube formation and congenital malformations.
On the other hand, folic acid helps the body in different activities, promoting enzymatic processes and their action is often combined with vitamin B12. 

How to prevent folic acid deficiency 

In pregnancy and even gestation period for both men and women seeking conception, should be a good supply of vitamin D to promote the proper development of the embryo and fetus. Also, folic acid deficiency can lead to macrocytic anemia called, because the flaws in the production of red blood cells that they are generating large but low levels of hemoglobin inside.

To prevent the deficit is not only necessary in the diet consumed an adequate amount of this micronutrient, but also be aware that their lack may be secondary to some diseases.
In the diet, we can include folic acid by eating tenera liver, brewer's yeast, red and white meats, whole grains, eggs and green leafy vegetables like spinach, watercress, lettuce or spinach.
It is also important to know that vitamin C can the body that folic acid is activated, therefore, an adequate intake of this vitamin also helps to prevent folic acid deficiency.
This vitamin has important functions in the body that we deserve to know and keep watching your intake through diet.

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