Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ten tips for eating well to stay at the perfect weight

The perfect weight is something most of us pursue. For this reason, and to do what we are following a series of simple tips that will change not only our habits. These are simple gestures that will improve our diet and thus the results thereof, substantially improving the results we get when holding the line and get to stay at the perfect weight.

Many times we are lost as far as eating is concerned. We simply must follow a set of guidelines . This time we'll just see ten ways to make our food is much more complete and sound.

First we have to opt for low calorie foods or at least those who make the most of the calories they give us. It is therefore important that we take the hands of those whole foods we provide calories, but in complex ways that will be slowly released and our body will be able to use at any time. To this we add the sweets and saturated fats, which must pass a background.

When eating out should always opt for salads and vegetable dishes to make up our menu. To this we add the food to the grill or oven, which must prevail against us fried foods provide more calories. time of purchase is essential to choose the right foods. One tip is to not ever go on an empty stomach, because if we do this we tend to buy more products and more fat calorie.

Always have fruit and vegetables at home is essential to maintain proper health and the line in perfect condition, as we will eat each day for these foods that are necessary for the proper functioning of our body and receive doses of vitamins and minerals needed.

The food you prepare should be simple and be made ​​to the poor, ie, leave aside sauces and ingredients such as cream or butter enriched foods as far as taste is concerned, but they give us empty calories and unnecessary. Therefore it is appropriate to replace spices or vegetables that will give our dishes a unique taste and healthier.

Avoid heavy meals and heavy. Eat plenty of food will slow down your metabolism and burning calories to lowest. It is therefore necessary to take some food along several times a day to keep your metabolism active and thus consume more without hardly noticing.

If we choose to eat foods like pizza or burger, which is always associated with high doses of calories, we choose to do so in the most healthy. You need to prepare us in our home every one of these foods to avoid the poor quality of food that we use and ensure that it is a good and healthy food, full of nutrients.

Be careful when dressing the salads that we buy because we can not abuse the olive oil even. You need to simply use a small amount. For more flavor you can opt for aromatic vinegars do not have many calories.

The bread we have to control as all the carbohydrates that we consume in our diet, because you need to know that the evening is not too desirable, and although we can not be comprehensive consume what we please, caloric intake as it may be too high if we are not going to eat with physical activity.

Nuts are high in calories, but are highly recommended to maintain health of steel, so we recommend simply eating five pieces a day of whatever kind. If we opt for the roasted without salt the better, or can be much better still raw, and we avoid the fats that have brought us fried.

These ten tips are simply a series of recommendations for our daily life easier and to make us realize that is not as difficult or sacrificed to maintain healthy habits to maintain our health and thus the line.

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