Saturday, November 5, 2011

Which are the hottest peppers in the world?

Which are the hottest peppers in the world?

A few months ago, in Edinburgh (Scotland), there was a competition of tasting dishes that contained the secret sauce Kismot Indian restaurant, which is considered the hottest in the world. However, the event was interrupted because more than half of the participants began vomiting and wheezing.

Paul Bosland, professor of horticulture at the University of the State of New Mexico, explained that overly spicy foods can cause death because the body reacts violently to foods considered harmful, reports the web CukmI .

In this situation, Scoville Food Institute has developed a chart that plots the Scoville scale of measurement of the itching. Ranging from less spicy (since 1.2, etc..) To the truly 'hot' (since 53 and 54). example, in the top 20 are the famous jalapenos, which are very hot while in the last location (54) we find the fearsome Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, the world's hottest pepper, according to the book of Guinness World Record . However, they are also other varieties of peppers as mirasol (18 in the list), rocotillo (16), Serrano (28), and so on.

The American chemist Wilbur Scoville developed a simple method to establish approximately the spice of a particular food, in 1912.

In the procedure used capsaicin, the chemical compound found in peppers and fruits and responsible for stimulating thermal receptors of the skin, especially mucous membranes. Diluted in sugar water until chile extract the spicy disappear.

After passing by a jury, found that a chile without capsaicin does not sting, but the weakness of the experiment lies in its vagueness, because the test is subject to human subjectivity. Nevertheless, the peppers are known for providing plenty of vitamin A and C and be powerful antioxidants.

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