Saturday, November 5, 2011

Useful tips to reduce food portions, weight loss easily

The size of the portions of food has increased in recent decades and it can be a major determinant of caloric intake from our diets and weight of the progressive increase of the population. Also, r educe the portions of food consumed is a good strategy to lose weight eating varied, so, here are some tips to make it.

By implementing the following tips can reduce food portions, not only at the time of consumption but also to prepare meals or shop for ingredients:

    Do not eat the container, package or source familiar. Always eat what's on your plate or in your place.
    Use smaller plates to serve the main course, so as to see the full course but eating less.
    Drink water or other calorie-free drink before a main meal. It calms anxiety, distend the stomach and allow you to better control the amount consumed.
    Eat more slowly, drinking water, leaving the utensils aside and chew each bite well, this also reduces the portions consumed.
Help yourself first vegetables in the dish, so that the small remaining space to be located less meat, cereals or other foods with more calories.
    When drinking alcohol or other beverages with calories, tall, thin glasses used to replace short and wide glasses that will earn more when it is actually much less than or equal portion.
    When buying food, choose smaller pieces, for example: 1 piece of chicken girl, a steak or smaller fish, 1 small hamburger or, f interaction meals or smaller portions with less elabóralas fill, smaller thickness or width.
    In a restaurant, share a rich entrée or entrée chosen as an entry that tend to have smaller size.
    Bring dishes and served to the table and refrigerate or freeze the remaining amount not to continue eating "because there" afterwards.

Quality control is of great value when caring for the diet, but in terms of food the amount also matters, especially if we continue to eat balanced and varied. Then, put these tips to reduce food portions consumed and will be easier to control the amount consumed.

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